Assignment 01

Please make a post for each of three assignments: Neighborhood Types, Drawing, 22@

[ ] denotes category that you should check off for each post.


Neighborhood Types (2):

Touch up (slightly) and scan your Passeig del Born analysis drawing.

[drawing, neighborhood type]


Carme Pinos, parti diagrams

Field Conditions, Stan Allen

Noli plan, Rome (public buildings as public spaces)

Diagram the ordering system of 3 Maritime Metropolis urban rooms in ink (analog) and 3 digitally. Differentiate lines.  LINES.  (Pinos + Allen)

Please type 2-3 sentences of what emerges as an organizational pattern for Maritime Metropolis neighborhoods, why it is important, and who is affects?

[drawing, neighborhood type]








Collage Diagram: Time , Material, Vector for the Sarria park along Riera de les Monges.

Map external conditions (context) using research statistics (OMA Europe carbon footprint image below).

4th degree diagram: 1) diagram; 2) differentiate; 3) pattern emerges…

James Corner, Planting Diagram

Christo and Jeane-Claude, Over the River

OMA, Rem Koolhaas, diagrams, Seattle Public Library and Carbon Footprints

l|c|a:BCN 2011, student Ida Yazdi

[drawing, collage diagram]


22@ and bottom up urban design //  writing assignment  l|c|a:BCN

What is bottom-up planning in the 22@ district (10 10 10 + historic protection)  and how does it relate to Parametric Places. Using the class conversa­tions, the weblog and the reading ‘Cities from the Bottom Up: 22@ Planning, A System Attached to Change’ on page 8 of the red Field Book, begin to discuss the following:

Sentence 1: What is bottom-up planning in 22@, why is it important and who does it serve?

Sentence 2: What external conditions (natural or human/cultural events) and affects are used to support these ideas in urban design planning from the bottom upunderstanding local culture, values, and concerns?

Sentence 3: What is the technology or method that is applied?



You should have readings completed: Field Conditions, Not Unlike Life Itself, 10 Years of 22@, Catedral del Mar (remind me to find an English copy for you all to share).   You should start the Art of the Long View.  All readings are found here.


Preparation for Monday’s trip to Girona.

We will leave at 9:30am sharp. Pack a snack to eat around 11:30 before lunch at 1/2pm.  Train ride is 1:17. Bring reading material.

Review Girona Post for history and drawings before departing.

plan/section diagrams (abstract) 3, as shown in class of primary roads in Girona, parallel to river, winding up the slope of the landscape


Please review previous projects, namely Vicky, Ida, Anton (Field Book and previous l|c|a:BCN weblogs) in anticipation of the project next week to be assigned Tuesday.

Review Maritime Metropolis.


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