ASSIGNMENT 01: 22@ And Bottom Up Urban Design

Bottom up planning emphasizes the relationship of each piece in a system over a specific shape of the whole, and in the context of 22@, the main focus is the restructuring of each block to meet the guidelines of having 10% open space, 10% protected residential, and 10% 7@ social service uses by accounting for the pre-existing cultural and material characteristics, and making it easier to connect each block on a pedestrian level. Influence of external conditions on the district of 22@ can be compared to that of Gracia’s annual festival, Les Festes de Gracia, which is held each year, forcing the neighborhood comes together to create new themes,  connect the scattering of non-connected streets, and to eat, drink, dance, and socialize as a collective. The methodology used toward the restructuring of 22@ is that of open-endedness to allow for “not yet realized relationships,” yet still  tailoring designs to the preexisting cultural identity.


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