Some comments on posting protocol.


1. Regarding analog drawings, use the scanner. Also see the 2a UO tutorial here at minute 4’30” on the Vimeo ARCH 610 page for assistance with Image/Adjust/Curves and using the ‘white eyedropper’ to select the white most condition in the image. You may do this for black as well. You may also adjust the curve. With ink drawings we should be able to push a white background and black lines if the scanned.

2. Please select the respective category: Neighborhood Type, Drawing, Collage Diagram, Writing.

‘[ ] denotes category that you should check off for each post.’

Please also click on ‘lca2012uo_A01.’  Thank you

3. Please have these uploaded by 8:00am Monday, tomorrow morning so I may review them and speak with you on groups on the train.  We can also discuss the readings to date.

4. When making a post:  1) test the post by selecting Preview in the upper right; 2) set the “Featured Image” in the bottom right right by selecting ‘set feature image.’ It allows the post to have a preview image that you choose.  It will crop it to the effective proportion automatically.


RCR Arquitectes, Eixample, Barcelona

(we will try to visit this this week)


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