What is Bottom-up Planning in 22@?

Sentence 1: What is bottom-up planning in 22@, why is it important and who does it serve?

Sentence 2: What external conditions (natural or human/cultural events) and affects are used to support these ideas in urban design planning from the bottom up understanding local culture, values, and concerns?

Sentence 3: What is the technology or method that is applied?

1. Bottom-up planning in 22@ (BUP22@) is important because its goal is to establish a framework for a future urban design within the existing neighborhood fabric.  BUP22@ will serve people, of different generations and from diverse backgrounds, who live in Poblenou.  BUP22@ will: 1) enhance social interactions among community members; 2) give people more opportunities to learn about and enjoy nature; and 3) improve the connection of the neighborhood to the beach.

2. It is difficult to answer this question.  The city of Barcelona, in my opinion, is a chaotic place.  At the same time, however, the city is charming.  Events such as the 1992 Summer Olympic Games for example, without a doubt, contributed to changes in the city planning.  Some of these changes, though, I do not find for appropriate.  Demolishing an entire quarter of historical buildings in order new facilities to be erected, for instance, is something that I do not approve.

3. The applied method aims to create a parametric system with a certain percentage of open green spaces, residential, and business services, as well as to protect the historical buildings so as to preserve the cultural and historical identity of the neighborhood.


2 responses to “What is Bottom-up Planning in 22@?

  1. Great.
    comments to sentences:
    1. People. Yes to differentiating which people. Will you look across generations over time and at ethnic background?
    How do you define ‘nature?’ What is nature here in 22@/Barcelona/ Catalunya?

    2. Define chaotic? All the neighborhoods at all times are chaotic? Consider Barcelona in relation to other similar sized cities. While the demolition of the waterfront for the 1992 Olympics may have been more sensitive one must understand the forces of time and politics that would influence most cities under similar circumstances. The work of Gordon Matta Clark now at the MACBA was intended to offer criticism to similar gentrification in NYC in the 1970’s.

    3. Will you work with parametrics? You may see the UO Tutorials for using Grasshopper. This is not necessary. We will work with time and systems thinking. We will be publishing the Parametric Places ARCH 4/523 work shortly.

    Regarding scans, try to use the scanner. Also see the 2a UO tutorial on the Vimeo ARCH 610 page for assistance with Image/Adjust/Curves and using the ‘white eyedropper’ to select the white most condition in the image. You may do this for black as well. You may also adjust the curve. With ink drawings we should be able to push a white background and black lines if the scanned.

    Good work!!

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