ASSIGNMENT 01: Time, Materials, Location

Sarria, Ring Diagram


2 responses to “ASSIGNMENT 01: Time, Materials, Location

  1. Maybe instead of, or in addition to, you label the months of the year.
    Also, the thickness of each band is the same. this too could be differentiated. Not another band but embedding information into various degrees of it. CHEERS! nice work. leads us.

  2. Nice! Now, next step, can you differentiate the information in each line. For example, in the water presence area, can it differentiate in darkness or lightness for the amount of water each month? Can the people do the same for time people are outside (spring and fall more maybe) or festivals, etc? this would require more research but the language of the diagram wants to keep differentiating. How much information can you embed into the simple lines? VERY GOOD.

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