Writing Portion

1. Bottom-up planning allows for the old structure of a neighborhood to be integrated with new structure by reutilizing buildings. In 22@ this is extremely important for both residents and businesses because this type of planning helps maintain a sense of identity throughout the neighborhood. Identity helps connect people to the history of a place and provides self understanding. Maintaining a strong sense of identity is crucial for keeping residents in 22@ which is necessary for attracting both ICT and small businesses. The philosophy of bottom-up planning is being implemented in 22@ in hopes of revitalizing this area of the city and is important for helping sustain cultural identity and economic prosperity.

2. A crucial condition of 22@ is the connection of the ocean and use of ramblas as corridors to the sea. I believe this to be why a bottom-up approach is necessary for the success of 22@. The Olympic village, although it is close to the ocean, is not as successful as it could be. The Olympic village lacks a sense of identity which makes the area unattractive for businesses and residents. The only identity the Olympic village has left is the identity of tourism. Once the area of Poblenou connected to the ocean, it became a more desirable place for people to invest and spend time.

3. The method of the 22@ bottom-up philosophy is to keep historically important builds while building new infrastructure that follows a system of 10% residential, 10% open space and 10% commercial. The combination of keeping old structure to integrate with new structure helps keep identity. There is no set place for the 10-10-10 places to be built, which allows blocks to be formed creatively and have a more natural feeling. However, a problem of this method is that sometimes structures are disconnected.


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