Watercolor to study qualitative affect, ex. RCR Arquitectes

We will test some water coloring today.  Below you will see some work of RCR Arquitectes from Olot in the Girona Province of Catalunya visited yesterday. They use water color for qualitative exploration in plan, section/elevation and perspective.  They also mix in pen/pencil lines and words.  The work is rich in materiality.  I imagine the circular precinct of vertical wood timbers outside the library at the University of Girona was done by them.


study of ‘affect’ and final constructed experience.

plan studies at district, neighborhood and urban room scales.

built experience.  The renderings are methods that communicate and study as a tool the desired built experience seen below.


Library in Eixample.  Consider the work flow from studies to built project.



Moody rendering and watercolor section studies



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