*Assignment 04: Analysis for 22@ Project One

Analysis (group work)

Using the 22@ underlay plans here and here and PDF’s from ‘Student Presentations’ 2011 folder (see Dropbox invitation), you should do the following analysis drawings, defining your neighborhood and open spaces.  I will walk around to meet with all of you.  We should plan to try to have this work completed by 1pm today.

Next week we will move on to synthesis of design work, thusly Friday’s presentation should firmly look to establish the focus of investigation through a concise definition.  You will  present / post on Thursday your findings on your group research assignment of project types.

The following line drawings should done in Illustrator as delicate line drawings, following the Miralles Pinos method of drawing (page 23 and 42 in the red Field Book) the perceived urban wall and circulation curb (similar to our in situ drawings) (other method here):

–       District plan, locating neighborhood and major external forces

(outline district and or blocks .25 line weight, major axis, neighborhood blocks .5 line weight)

–       Neighborhood plan, locating urban rooms and major external forces

(.25 affected blocks, black for open space, affected sidewalks, affected street area.  you may try this with lines instead of fills.  this will describe the perceived neighborhood room, pedestrian perspective)

–       Urban Room, chose a focus area, based on 22@ plan and real site research

(.25 blocks, .5 building walls on urban room, .35 building walls not on urban room)

–       Uses map, via 22@ plans  (over neighborhood scale plan) (always lightly great in the open space layer in each of these to relate each idea to the open space, public space):

  • Residential use (Habitatge)
  • Office use (Activitats)
  • Services (7@ Equipaments)
  • Protected Buildings (Edificis industrials consolidats)
    • + real site research of non-protected historic:
      • modernista residential, factory, chimney and other types (**provide template, assemble class work

–       Collage Diagram (texture, location, time):  historic and other.

–       Research and diagram context as patterns of external forces over time:

  • Natural  (wind, light, solar gain, native vegetation, native animals) and
  • Anthropological (maritime metropolis farming and fishing use, modernista industries of manufacturing, textiles, **current cultural events in Catalunya, Barcelona and Poblenou including cerdanya dance, food culture, calcots, San Joan, coscheza harvest, Temps de les Flors de Girona, Primavera Sound, SONAR, IT culture, other)
  • 3 Contextual Images of Catalan, Barcelona, Poblenou local culture.

–       Timeline collage/diagram: time callibration of patterns of above research; plan; and texture (across day, week, seasons of year, year, decade)

–       Assignment 03 Project Type Smart City research

–       start using Dropbox folder / Assignment 03 for Smart City team

–       start using Dropbox folder / Assignment 04 for Project One team

Please, before class tomorrow, ie, before the morning, read the Art of the Long View by Peter Schwartz click here.

It will be essential for our conversations of time and scenarios.


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