IBM Intel Cisco

IBM’s SmarterCity program is comprised of a network of sensors located in various parts of the city including homes/businesses, appliances, power lines, and waterways where the information can flow to and from the businesses and customers making a more efficient and sustainable city system. This system can also store energy from external sources such as wind turbines and solar panels making the city a giant battery for itself.

The current state of Intel’s initial emergence into the development of Smart Cities is that they plan to use London, England as a test site and hub for Smart City development. Intel is attempting to make the smallest wifi based sensors possible that will capture information, such as motion, weather, air quality, consumer behavior and energy use, in an effort to help people use and manage resources.

Cisco is currently partnered with Barcelona City Hall to focus on the development of businesses, universities, entrepreneurship, ICT research centers, ecology and urban planning in 22@ and Poblenou. There have been many pilot tests throughout the city, such as sensors in trash containers for more efficient waste disposal, in this collaborative initiative.

  • IBM Case studies in California, Iowa, Tennesee, Singapore, Malta, China, etc.
  • Technology for energy, water, traffic, social work, public health and safety, etc.
  • Consumer Behavior Sensor – tracts consumer behavior so companies can more accurately manage supply and demand
  • Pollution Level Sensor – quantitatively measures pollution at ground level, around humans
  • Technology/Software – computer software used to analyze and visualize data from sensors
  • Barcelona wants to be a sustainable urban model for the world.

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