Assignment 03: Project Type Smart City Research

Project Type Smart City Research,

Try to write a 3 sentence paragraph explaining the organization’s objectives toward systems technology and cities- smart cities.  List some bullet points of these objects and what they are doing.  Is there a relationship to the city of Barcelona / Portland?  Post any diagrams / drawings they have produced.  List / link to a relevant example project they are doing.

Use Google translate or a plugin to your web browsers if necessary.

Please post under category ‘lca2012Uuo_A03’ by Thursday evening at 11:59pm. Do use a featured image.


Technology companies, Laura and Peter

–       IBM TheSmarterCity

–       Cisco,

–       Intel,

Portland Eco District, Yulia

Athletics and the City, Carolyn and Nicole

Smart City Campus Barcelona, related to 22@, history,  Chris and Shelby

BCN Ecologia, Aliza and John


link for everyone to watch by IBM Social Media,


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