Nike: Game Changes + Mes Que un Club

Nike, the main sponsor for FC Barcelona, developed the “Més que un club” campaign in conjunction with the UN refugee agency to raise money through the sale of merchandise to bring the advantages of sports, education, and life skills to youth refugees worldwide. Along with the “Més” Project, Nike collaborates with Architecture for Humanity under the larger name, Gamechangers, to inspire community organizations and programs to create social and economic development of a country through the building of sports facilities. Combining the popularity and funds of FC Barcelona and Nike as well as the openness of the 22@ district to urban design, it seems most logical that the project be further developed in this neighborhood.

-Improve opportunities to access and participate in sports
-Remove physical, economic, social and gender barriers to participation in sports
-Improve social and physical activities
-Provide innovative alternatives to play spaces for communities that lack the resources
-Positive affect on the environment or reduce negative environmental impact of sport-related initiatives
-Opportunities for social and economic empowerment


2 responses to “Nike: Game Changes + Mes Que un Club

  1. In Beaverton, OR, where the Nike headquarters are located, are designed eleven acres of wetlands and sediments ponds to clean stormwater. The landscape design is done by Mayer/Reed, a Portland based firm. Carol Mayer came to one of my classes for a panel discussion and she made a point that Nike is interested in protecting and improving environment quality. She mentioned that since the Mayer/Reed has designed the Nike campus, the employees began to spend their lunch time in observing birds:)

  2. This is exactly the kind of research we are looking for. The points above, are those your thoughts or things they have mentioned? We could try to reach out to Nike in Oregon regarding this although im sure they have a European arm that is possibly managing this. We would be like the 5boro design office for the NYC project. Maybe dig into that, even going to their website. This can be a major part of your design project…affect is community connectivity through athletics. Maybe you team up with Carolyn in some way. Talk to her about it, either with separate sites or the same site. GREAT WORK! Keep going. Maybe explore the business side of it. Why does Nike do this? At home I have their annual design award based on their company brand objectives. maybe you can look for that on the web.

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