Breakfast | Desayuno… vuelo granada

It would be great if you had a big breakfast and even packed anything to eat.  Better to clear out the refrigerator.  If we leave at 10 and the flight is at 1:20 flying until 2:30 and then the transfer we will all get hungry.  The food at the airport is bad- all fast-food, McDs, Pans n Company and an similar Sbarros, all very expensive too.
Maybe even share food between the apartments to clear out the refrigerator / cupboard a bit and since the supermarkets are closed.

Please try to take out all garbage and recycling, close the windows securely, turn off all lights and appliances, put away computers and other valuables, make sure all water outlets are turned off.  There will be cleaning seen when we return- new sheets, etc.

Remember your red Field Book, sketchbook, pens, camera, passport!!, metro card, waking shoes, travel sized liquids, one or two of you bring an unfolding 22@ map.  You will not need towels, soap, shampoo, money for the bus transfers,

Gorgeous morning today. The weather forecast for Granada calls for highs of 93-94 degrees, which for mountain dry temperatures should be even less than we experienced a month ago when it high 104 according to the street temperature displays.




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