ASSIGNMENT 6 // Fostering Community

To promote a relationship amongst the residents and business workers, I propose communal outdoor dining spaces for people in the neighborhood to create more opportunities for informal mingling. This would create a sense of community in the neighborhood. The heat and humidity suggest a desire for a cooler space which can be acheived through shade, wind, or water.


One response to “ASSIGNMENT 6 // Fostering Community

  1. Perfect. nothing wrong here. just keep pushing. look at the meal diagram from one of the groups here:
    . Think about the material affect of supporting eating (tables and benches) and the cooling idea (shading but also fountains, etc). Pick one material: water for cooling, wood benches and tables…surface for eating (more abstract thinking allows you to design. they think of the conditions: breakfast of toast at 9am, sandwich at 11-12noon, lunch (3 course meal) at 2-4pm, tea time snack at 6pm, dinner at/ after work drink at 9pm. what are these conditions? standing, leaning, sitting, etc. bar, table, nothing, laying down. keep it simple.

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