Assignment 07

Ordering System



Cube layout

Cube Play

My project will create a social environment to form a sense of ownership and enable diversity between the residents, workers, immigrants, children and elderly in the area.

  • To create an inviting social gathering even for hotel guests (foreigners)

The affect of social belonging is fed through the protection of a pluralistic identity over time in the conditions of how differing cultures play, dine, and socialize (stay connected and involved).

  • By stacking cubes and creating their own play structures and toys children can experiment, learn and have fun and parents can sit on the cubes to watch their kids, socialize, and interact
  • The cubes can be used as seating and tables, flexible for an individual’s desired arrangement
  • The cubes can create shade and block the wind
  • Ground articulations could encourage the cubes to be placed in appeasing patterns to be admired and looked upon as substance to the area
  • Congregated cubes can encircle a cooking pit

Light, movable, trex cubes to be assembled in various configurations allow individuals to express themselves in play, have the freedom to take ownership of the area by setting up tables and seating, maintain cultural identity and create traditions, socialize and have gatherings in a specific place and be a part of the community.

  • The cubes could not get too hot and would have to be light enough to carry, but strong enough not to break
  • Different cubes could be used for different purposes, some could be cut out for leg room or play, while others solid for seating

This would create:

  • A cool place to meet in the morning that could also help local businesses such as coffee shops and bakeries because the cubes could be used to set up tables along the sidewalks
  • A shaded and pleasant environment to sit and play during the hours of the day that are not too hot
  • An area to socialize at night and cook, eat, and drink

2 responses to “Assignment 07

  1. This looks great, Nicole! I love the idea of the cubes and the flexibility in its uses. Where’d you find the mirrored cubes by the way? Don’t forget to cite your sources.

  2. Wow!! great work for a non-design background. You have a good eye. The photos and images are great. Try working from the sides: top down from the district-neighborhood-urban room but in parallel from the bottom UP, zoomed in looking at the criteria for the cubes from the human scale- in drawing form. You mention some of this criteria in bullet form but could try swatch images (using CTR-7 to mask in Illustrator) explain criteria of lightness, coolness, stackable, etc. OVERALL great work.
    Think that you would / might have multiple ordering systems over time according to the scenarios.

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