ASSIGNMENT 07: Digit/Art Collaboration


6 responses to “ASSIGNMENT 07: Digit/Art Collaboration

  1. Love your watercolor drawing. It’s not clear for me why you are trying to connect artists and LED. Try to focus on a specific thing, instead of a broad perspective view.

  2. This is from our group (:
    It has come to our consensus that…
    – make lines on your urban space less dark
    – fade out what’s not important
    – zoom in further
    – sidewalk/street lines should be lighter, building lines darker
    – for the Pere IV connections diagram, you could improve it by making it all more abstract, as opposed to having part of it abstract (dashed circles) and part actual (grid).
    – your water colors are pretty cool. good job.
    “you should do the wink” – john
    *wink* – chris
    “no, this: ;)” – john

  3. beautiful graphics. Very clear. I would love to see more about the existing art in the area and how this specific art would thrive on the projected screens. It would also be interesting to hear about the globalized art and how the art could thrive off of different cultures. I feel as though Barcelona does have a strong connection with other cultures through their openness to tourism and such. I’m intrigued.

  4. I like your ‘media hub’ diagram. Simple, clear. Articulates the concept well: materials (screens), location, audience, and function
    It could have a bit more detail in the room space to show how people are interacting.

  5. Good. I more abstract but related idea of the connection/media might help. The project sit between shading and connecting but I think it could push deeper into an investigation and callibration to either one. The graphics are delicate. good. The water color could be an ink wash, one tone, more abstract and moody of the variations of the affect you are trying to investigation…namely types of connection. What are you connecting? Is some local, some city and some global? Types of digital collaboration? is that your affect? who? specifically? Scenarios may also help. In general, being more specific would help the project- specific scenarios.
    more line work, less jpg raster image of background for the analysis drawings, district, neighborhood, urban room.
    final images, better to zoom in on the elevation or human scale of the affect/ interactive surface.

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