Assignment 7



3 responses to “Assignment 7

  1. Like the idea of colors; the neighborhood needs more colors ( too gray for me). More research on different seasons and vegetation.Oh, and try to be very gentle with the use of colors–you can easily create a mess. The graphics are little bit heavy for me; my favorite ones are the 4 simple diagrams with the lines and dots.

  2. Your penultimate diagrams look great!! Adding labels to them would add a little more clarity to the project. Overall, I love the idea, but more clarification as to where the screens will be located would be helpful (I think that goes for both of us though).

  3. Good diagrams. Maybe continue to try those but as per our discussion, lets try to build up the argument with bullet points, site photos, comparative photos, adjusted photos and maybe a series of diagrams via ink washes + drawing, aka RCR methods. Good.

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