Assignment 7: Reflective Generations

01 title_concept : Reflective Generations

02 district map

03 neighborhood plan

04 urban space

05 residential uses : pere iv cluster

06 office uses : an opportunity

07 service uses : well supplied

08 historical uses : no history 😦

09a external forces over time: cultural identity

09b external forces over time: occupation over time

10 concept images : mirrors

11 context images

12 catalogue of scenarios

13 timeline collage

14 generative diagram : generational family values

15 material research+unit

16 ordering system

17 scenario perspective

18 urban room plan

19 urban room section


3 responses to “Assignment 7: Reflective Generations

  1. Like the idea about connecting generations and families.Not sure how the reflection in the mirrors makes a stronger family connection, and how do you predict who is going to look into the mirror at the same time, the business people or workers– they are part of different families? Otherwise, the communication of ideas is clear.

  2. I don’t quite understand your diagram on the generational values, but other than that, I love your concept and diagrams. They read clearly and (I believe) show your idea completely. It would be interesting to see this field of mirrors in real life.

  3. Great work Chris. Comprehensive and clear. It builds an argument from various scales and media. A clearer zoomed-in elevation of the red bars in the generative diagram might be clearer than the final perspective 17- for example a blow up of the 19 urban room section elevational information from the piece outward looking at the subtle differences of the ages/relationships at the human scale, abstract of site.

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