Project 1: Fragrant Feedback


4 responses to “Project 1: Fragrant Feedback

  1. The idea is clear.
    Community gardens–how they relate to the fragrance idea? More research on gabions. Have you tried to sit on a gabion? And one more thing to think about is that not all people like and even are allergic to specific fragrances.

  2. This idea sounds fun! I’d love to know more about the conditions of use between the different flower beds and their connection to each other. What makes it connect to your flatiron/Time Square urban room? Are these native flowers?

  3. very nice work! A simple elevation might explain the conditions that supported each condition of the fragrances… maybe clearer than the perspective. what is the opening difference in the gabian wall of sitting, passing, engaging, walking? is it the % of opening or do bigger openings/ ie size of the openings matter? Maybe you dont want people looking in…or you do?
    Does the analysis support the ordering system or another connection to a use in the project?
    Im not clear on the location of the intervention/s. Is there a siteplan? that might be helpful.
    Good ideas. I think it would get tighter over time also bringing the graphics together with one highlight color, etc.

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