Assignment 7: Social Knowledge


El Baix Llobregat Agrarian Park

The Baix Llobregat Agricultural Park is located to the west of Barcelona, just 10 minutes from the city centre and specifically in the low-lying valley and delta of the River Llobregat.  The area has a long tradition in fruit and vegetable growing, and has for many centuries been the main supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables to the city of Barcelona.


Thesis Paragraph

The social interactions among Poblenou’s inhabitants would be enhanced with the creation of technologically innovate farmers’ markets, community gardens, and vertical residential farms at the neighborhood.  Learning from elders, incorporating educational projects, and involving families to work together at these designated spaces would help Poblenou’s residents to attain knowledge, as well as better the relationships among them.  The seasonal variety and type of vegetation in Poblenou, will create a sequence of green corridors and small pocket gardens.

District Map

Neighborhood Plan

Neighborhood Uses


Design Interventions

Timeline human-nature relationships

Diagram-Example Study of a Cherry Tree

Material Research



Ordering Systems

 Comparative Sites

Ordering Systems


11 responses to “Assignment 7: Social Knowledge

  1. Hey Yulia! SPAC liked your project. especially the figure/ground showing existing vegetation and proposed vegetation. SPAC doesn’t understand why michelangelo is in the middle of your cherry tree diagram, but SPAC is intrigued as to the connection between human dimensions and cherry trees. SPAC also liked how honest you were in your diagram about how much 15-25 year olds interact with the environment. Maybe you could show another with their growth in interaction due to your intervention. SPAC fell most in love with your scenarios. oh my. streets on farmers markets– yummy ❤ SPAC

    • Thanks SPAC.
      One correction to SPAC, this is not Michelangelo…
      The diagram is generic, but shows that we are part of the nature, even we take that as granted.

  2. material research- the left axis is time. the top axis is size of vegetation? density of foliage? sectional relationship? relationship to knowledge? growing, screening, shading as conditions that support your conditions of knowledge?

    • the left axis is a seasonal variety and the top one shows different types of vegetation for the 1) community gardens, 2) vertical facades, and 3) street trees.

  3. Wow! Atta-girl!
    The Material research and Timeline are both very effective and beautifully done.
    Is the Ordering System suggesting new sites for open space? that could be well received / justified with a quick calculation, even rough, of the 10% open space in each block, which would follow the 22@ guidelines.
    Big question- is there a systematic approach to the material of the vegetation, supporting the experience of the scenarios of your timeline? Does the materiel research…as analysis and maybe a second version as more active synthesis… support the social interaction of the conditions of knowledge that you speak to in your thesis paragraph?
    Connecting the support of the affect of the knowledge condition via the catalog of material differences, how they ‘operate’ or function, might be a final step to tighten up.
    Maybe an elevation more than a perspective of how this strategy might play out in a space/urban room would be the final piece of this kind of project/idea. Something taking the abstract sectional conditions of the Timeline and explaining how that would play out in the real world site conditions of one of the star locations- namely the triangle site. How does the abstract system ‘attach’, Latour, to the site, connecting to external conditions in the site perhaps taken from the use or cultural analysis of the differences across the 22@ neighborhood that you chose to identify.
    SWEET work. Im guessing its a different approach.
    …also, ZOOM WAY IN! for the experience. In parallel, investigate from both the top down and bottom up.

  4. Nice movement between scales, time and place. The variations in location is interesting…what differences might then cause variations to the unit, the section condition you have drawn, respective to those different locations? Might that difference relate to one of the three conditions of food market, community garden and then vertical garden? how does that relate to age…? Perhaps age is related to the level or quality of interact that you suggest in the section.

  5. Is this your updated paragraph? Good. Lets work on this. First sentence form as a statement versus a question. Second sentence try to write conditions of the affect of knowledge…differentiate knowledge. Third sentence think of how the textile may perform. How will it operate in a way that may be measured? Consider more than shading and beauty but this will come from a clear idea of the conditions of knowledge to build a system of understading.

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