I hope everyone was able to unplug this weekend and enjoy the city and surroundings.

Some GREAT news.  Nico Larco will be joining us Wednesday through Friday.  Lets make a particularly strong effort so that we can get as much feedback from him as possible to strengthen our efforts.  Nico is the founding Co-Director of SCI Sustainable Cities Initiative at the University of Oregon. I am very thankful to have him join us.
Monday we will meet at 3pm after lunch to have a discuss about Project 1, 22@ Material Affect. Please read + review everyone’s posts and the respective comments before we meet.  This is essential as the monitor and time is limited and you will be doing each other a great service by preparing/considering some notes jotted down regarding:

1) their objective,

2) clarity of research

3)communication of ideas.

Please also find time before class to scan and upload the beautiful Granada drawing with categories below (new nomenclature):


(perhaps try to make the ‘wall’ of the built fabric and path pop.  please try to stitch together the scans to a file resolution of 800 pixels height  X  necessary width of attached pages. Upload as one file.  Insert as ‘Full.’)



(1 vertical line rendering + 1-2 simple, elegant diagrammatic sketches at the Alhambra)

Lastly, please have reviewed the reading 22@ Tens Year (I have the book in our ‘studio’ here if you want to see it).


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