22@ Site Analysis

Materiality and Emergence as Identity
Affect + Material Context + Smart City principles

1-2   Laura
*Urban Rooms

2-3   Aliza, John,
Zoning Use:  Residential, Equipments, 7@, Historic Protected and non-protected Residential, Industrial and Chimneys

1    Shelby
Material mapping: Corner collage of material, timelines (and location)

2   Nicole, Peter
External Conditions: Anthropological (Cultural Identity) + Natural (across scales of Neighborhood of La Llacuna, Barcelona, Catalunya)
– History of Factories on Site + Cultural history of site
-External conditions via Parametric Places: PV Energy (Adam and Jeffrey), Historical Built Fabric (Ivan and Ben), Food Culture (Jeff and Yin), Emergent Green Ways (Andy and Sam), Density of 10% Open Spaces (Casey and Jared)

2   Yuliya, Chris, Carolyn
Site Elevations, Site Section, (Site Plan) (Urban Room)

Urbanism Strategy + 1:1 Affect Intervention
Unit: guidelines, 10/10/10+history?,


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