22@…the other side of the moon

Great day!  Its interesting to see a different fabric but in theory the same 22@ principles will be applied here.

1- ANALYSIS: Continue your analysis.  We will review it with Nico after lunch tomorrow (Assume 1pm deadline for final posting).  Post not using ‘gallery’ but ‘full’ sized images so we can click on each image with a brief description under each image. JPGs.  keep the vector PDF file and post on Dropbox for your colleagues.

2-  Unit: What is your unit of connection between the Materiality as Identity of the historic buildings?  What is this quality?  This may touch onto your AFFECT ideas and or having to do with more subtle ideas of sensory connection.   Organization: What system will connect the units?  Islands, Banding, Strips, Meandering Paths, Grids, Weaves, Splatters, Braiding (Sarria Park) Think about relationships to Pere IV without letting that overpower you.  Does the 10/10/10 + Historic still apply?  Does the Cerda Plan still apply? Consider the post Drawing Systems here.

Try some ink drawings of these two ideas.  Ink wash for the more playful, ambitious people.  Be prepared to review this work tomorrow afternoon.

You’ve got the skeelz.  Use all your powers.

3- Smart City research:  1) Read all five types here. A reread of Guallart’s article may be helpful 2) Please choose one to elaborate on ideas that will interest you.  Post to new Category will be A12_Smart Cities 2.  **My article for the ACSA conference in the front of the red Field Book talks to bottom up urban design, the last paragraphs on the Parametric Places may be most relevant.

For your health


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