Meeting tomorrow morning

Can we meet tomorrow at 10am?  My place.  Briefly. Feel free to work before class too.

Smart Cities: try to move your new post contribution toward your idea to be used for your urban design project.  An example of a Guallart project in that area may be found here. Ignore the perspectives…

The Jan Gehl link here is also very good!

Nice analysis drawings of site plan and pie charts here by BCN Ecologia. (not working at the moment)

The Dropbox has a folder called ‘Parametric Places‘ with presentations from my course.  While Smart Cities strategies need not be parametric you may still find this useful to see urban design as more qualitatively driven than solely top down geometry driven.

Another Barcelona Smart City Campus link by the city.
Nice interview with Guallart.  Must translate- copy paste to Google Translate.

And please look at the Piasea magazines in the studio here for graphics.


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