Assignment 12


Proposal: Social Outreach Based Off Gamechangers



  • Thesis:


  1. My project will create a connected community to form relationships through recreation and athletics and improve access to participate in sports and physical activity in Barcelona’s 22@.



-To create an open environment to the community (residents, workers, even campus students)



  1. The affect of a social environment is fed through gatherings over time in the conditions of how the community plays and socializes.



Possible ideas to be implemented in Barcelona’s 22@ Superblock:


-Park/ play space/ Rec. center


-Football pitch (soccer field)


-Basketball court


-Skate park


-Water (fountain, swimming pool)



  1. Recreational areas allow experimentation with sports, learning, fun, socializing, and interaction.


Along withthe already existing outdoor activities, this would create:


-Eventual social participation from the community as a whole


-A social place for families of workers and residents to play


-A place for campus students to relax


-A nice environment to meet, sit, and socialize that could also help local businesses (coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants) in the area with the activity


-A pleasant and cool/ shaded space


-An area that can be used all day


-A variety of open spaces available for the people to use as the area evolves



Barcelona’s 22@ is a business district that protects the history and culture of the area with guidelines to maintain a minimum of 10% of the open space, 10% protected residential, and 10% of the 7@ social services. Bottom-up planning is used in 22@ to incorporate the old with the new and maintain local culture in the neighborhood for citizens so they can continue to connect with their environment. By integrating the old with the new people are able to smoothly adapt to their surroundings and the evolution of the area.


The Superblock located off of Pere IV in 22@ is a good location for this project because it is an access point to residents, workers, students and it is close to Rambla de Prim. Since there is no plan for the Superblock with this room for activities all of these people can integrate and adjust to the area, and it is a good project for Barcelona involved organizations because it is located in the business district and directly affects the area.



  • Who is the sponsoring organization?


-Nike could sponsor the project, specifically in 22@ Barcelona, with FC Barcelona and the UN refugee agency through the “Més que un club” campaign.


Nike, FC Barcelona, and the UN refugee agency should continue to raise money and promote sports, education and life skills to young refugees worldwide with the “Més que un club” campaign and also in 22@ Barcelona they can promote this as well as raise money to create athletic centers or parks to unify the area similar to Gamechangers’ objectives, a Nike collaboration with Architecture for Humanity, to create and to inspire community organizations and programs to create social and economic development by creating a safe access to sports opportunities to everybody.



Nike’s interest is to make an impact and encourage others to give, volunteer and get involved as well (social outreach).



Gamechangers’ Criteria:


Projects may be in located in rural, semi-rural or urban areas; they may have singular goals or have multiple functions, but should address one or more of the following key areas:


-Improved access to opportunities to participate in sport


-Removal of physical, economic, social and gender barriers to participation in sport


-Improved social cohesion


-Improved physical activity


-Provides innovative alternatives to play spaces for communities that lack resources


-Positively affects the environment or reduces negative environmental impact of sport-related initiatives


-Opportunities for social and economic empowerment generated by the project



  • Where will the project be located?


The project will be located in Barcelona’s 22@ business district. It will be located in Sant Marti, in the Llacuna neighborhood. Specifically, its location will be in the Superblock next to Pere IV.




-A few of the building spaces (at least 10% of the block)

Some of Gamechangers’ projects:

Skateboarding school for boys and girls in Afghanistan with outdoor football, cricket and volleyball.

An existing building in the superblock could be used.

Skate park in New York.

Or an existing building in the superblock could be used as shade.

Basketball court in Kenya, the roof collects rainwater that gets purified.

A basketball court with a roof would provide shade for all day use.

Street football (soccer) in Guatemala.

Trees can be used the shade the pitches.


  • Do facilities at the location need to be constructed or upgraded?

Yes. Facilities at the location would need to be designed and constructed or updated to support athletic centers. These facilities could be inspired off of the current buildings of the Superblock.


  • Are any further architectural or design services required?

Yes. Further architectural and design services are required to realize the facilities and make them a reality. The buildings could be made with incorporations and ideas from existing Gamechangers’ projects.


  • Would this project benefit from the assistance of construction professionals?

Yes. This project would benefit from the assistance of construction professionals, so the buildings will be durable and of high quality. It is important for the facilities to last so the culture of the area can continue to flourish and new traditions can be created for the future.


  • Findings:

The district of 22@ is a very active business district filled with rich history amongst the workers and citizens. With the future plans of the area it is important for the community to stay connected and maintain its culture. With parks and recreational areas similar to those of Gamechangers, the people can have a relaxing and social environment that will preserve the community and that everybody can enjoy as a whole.


  • Social Value:

As the district of 22@ is built from the ground-up, the citizens of the neighborhood and the workers of the area need a place to congregate and be able to socialize. This project will help the people to have a place to gather, interact, and play. The existing parks and open spaces should continue to flourish around the surrounding areas, but the people should also have expectations for a local social scene, which this project will give to them. It is important that the citizens and workers continue to identify with the area and stay connected through the existing culture as well as adopt new traditions of outdoor play and socializing.


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