**Two things for list

1. Section Elevation of Condition, hard lined.  1) Line drawing, 2) affect possibly in color, and 3) person as temporary element NOT drawing (motion blurred person in color)
2. Curb Detail Section Detail 1/2″=1′-0″, including street, curb, pavement/s, affect element (installation), benches, bike racks, vegetation (affect), people (blurred photo), wall with some articulation (minimize each condition to show as many conditions as possible).  **recall the detail planting section that Jesus showed us of the 1.3- 1.5 soil, layers, tree roots, concrete slab below.  This is the UNIT, the ‘rule’ that systematically went everywhere.

MEASURED.  Started in Autocad.

LOVE the lines.  RCR are descendants from Enric Miralles and Carme Pinos.  LINE DRAWING, moody material diagrams (which later develop into perspectives).


Examples of work:

Curb Detail Section drawing (Line drawing layer)

RCR mood diagrams (ink wash with pen/pencil)





2 responses to “**Two things for list

  1. You can be creative with the drawings, adjusting the dimensions below the image for example. or no dimensions but they are useful for a street section. For the curb detail it need not have dimensions.

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