l|c|a:BCN UO

l|c|a:BCN UO, is the  life | city | adaptation: Barcelona Urban Design Program at the University of Oregon’s School of Architecture and Allied Arts.  The program is part of B.U.U.D.I., Bottom-Up Urban Design Lab as a way of finding urban design theory of frameworks for participation from the smallest scale of people and events to make urban rooms, neighborhoods, districts and cities.  The l|c|a:BCN UO program is currently providing design support for the City of Barcelona’s 22@ information activities district.  The program is an accredited program through the University of Oregon including a multi-disciplinary team of students from the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, business and sociology.  The l|c|a:BCN UO progam is interested to support the PDX|BCN exchange to connect the two cities of Portland and Barcelona to understand bottom up urban design also connecting to ongoing research in digital media, namely the Parametric Places course at the UO Department of Architecture researching systems thinking and the inclusion of external conditions data over time.