*Assignment 06: Affect and Attachment

Project 1: Part 2, Bridging Analysis and Synthesis, Attaching the System to the Place

–       AFFECT?  Identify the event / experience and the external condition, human or natural, in the site that you want to support and the type of system of sensory affect you wish to attune to? Example here. Consider how James Corner and the design team intended to reproduce the affect of Joel Sternfeld‘s captured experience in his photographs.  The new park would have to communicate this idea of juxtaposition or urban/nature and the idea of change for visitors in one day of the year, thus driving the surreal use of color and scents across the year in the High Line Park.

The system may be thought of in Donella H. Meadows’ terms:

“A system is a set of things- people, cells, molecules, or whatever- interconnected in such a way that they produce their own pattern of behavior over time.  The system may be buffeted, constricted, triggered, or driven by outside forces.  But the system’s response to these forces is characteristic of itself, and that response is seldom simple in the real world.”

– Donella H. Meadows[i]


–       Map existing patterns of use/ habitation over the time. Scenarios.  (see 03 Pluralism time-based diagrams of scenarios over site, Charlottesville Foot-Hills design)  List a minimum 4 scenarios of events that relate to your affect.  These are types/conditions/variations of the affect.  Consider Corner and Allen’s idea (also described in ACSA article) on specificity.

–       What is the frequency of the event, the existing condition?  How do you ‘attach’ to it—see Latour reading. Following this reading you should read Alejandro Zaera’s interview in Pidgen.

–       2-3 conceptual images- these should be worked / abstracted (possible video or proposed neighborhood website/weblog)  Concept of affect WITHOUT the context of BCN, CAT or Poblenou.

–       See artists use of material to make visual this phenomena in the site.  **See idea of Ned Kahn, movie.  50 | 50 external condition.  How do these use a MATERIAL to attune to / attach to the affect found existing in the site? Investigate three materials.

–       Any other media capturing (visualizing or sound) of the affect at the site: video, unfolded elevations, materials cataloging, affect cataloging, site-section, and/or other media.  Time lapse movie are very affective.

–       Thesis paragraph with highlighted words: 1) concise yet complete question sentence touching on the definition of the affect sought to be enhanced in the site, the problem, and the affect to investigate; 2) cultural and identity scenarios and their associated conditions of your affect that you will highlight and support; and 3) architectural strategies/materials that you will explore to deploy to provide a structure/framework for the desired effects.  Think about living/working in 22@.  Use the 22@ website for information.  You may review the questions and writing in the Field Book for guidance.


–       Please be ready at 11am at the apartment (Powerpoint or slideshow of JPGs, pdfs do not look ideal on the screen but you should save the editable PDF file).  That will give you some time in the morning to pull things together.  We can discuss the work all together or in groups of 5 or 6 people.


[i]Donella H. Meadows, Thinking in Systems, Sustainability Institute (White River Junction, Vermont: Chelsea Green Publishing,  2008), 2.


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